Hi James,

The upgrades that you did for me earlier in the week are amazing.  It is like having a new computer with everything not only working but happening in double quick time.  Can't believe the speed with which iPhoto opens.  So many thanks.

All the best


"Thank you for a brilliant, speedy and calm resolution to a problem that could have been dire.  Your collection and delivery service saves so much time when you are running your own business and I was in a total flap with worry about lost data.    My Mac is my link to my clients and I was delighted to receive it back after only a day or so.   This is an excellent service for North Dorset."

Hilary James, Eliza James Flowers, http://www.elizajamesflowers.com

"Thank you for all your brilliance!"


“Dear James
I have taken your advice and hey presto the sun is shining again! I am absolutely delighted, as I have been struggling on for ages. So simple, when you know how!
Thank you so much for your advice, and when I feel the need to upgrade the Mac, I will know where to come.
With best wishes.