Advanced Introduction to MAC OS

Apple Mac Training with The Dorset Mac Man


Advanced Introduction to MAC OS

For experienced computer users new to MAC OS, this training introduces the key aspects of the Mavericks operating system, as well as a comprehensive look at File and Disk management.

Making the most of your Computer

  • Optimising and expanding your Apple Mac hardware, installing extra RAM and upgrading the hard drive.
  • How to maintain an efficient operating system and speed up your Mac.

The Finder

  • Opening, moving, and resizing finder windows
  • The four file view options, including “Cover Flow”
  • Organisation and management of files & folders
  • Finder Preferences and View Options.
  • Spotlight & search options
  • The Dock, The Desktop and The Apple Menu
  • Launchpad, Dashboard, using and managing Widgets.
  • Using the trash and deleting files.

Networking and Sharing

  • Connecting to the Internet, wired and wireless settings.
  • Network administration and diagnosis
  • Sharing files, printers and screens over a network.
  • Firewalls and your network security.

User Accounts

  • Create and manage user accounts
  • Using and managing keychains.

Apple Installed Applications

  • Mail – setting up an account and importing mail data
  • Safari – an introduction to Safari.
  • iPhoto
  • Facetime
  • iCal and Address book.
  • Pages and numbers, sharing and accessing your work on multiple devices.


  • An introduction to the brilliant features and versatility of iCloud synchronisation
  • Photostream
  • iTunes Match
  • Back to my Mac
  • Find my Mac

Protecting your Data

  • Setting up Time Machine to back up your data.
  • Finding and restoring previously saved data.

Software Installation

  • Using Software Updates
  • Managing software installations.

Troubleshooting & using Help Menus.

  • Where to go for application and system help
  • Using Disk Utilities
  • Accessing the Recovery Partition

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