Apple Mac Tuition


Apple Mac Training. In the comfort of your home or office.


How do I teach you to use your Apple Mac? Well, for starters, in the middle of a busy Apple Store wouldn’t be my first choice for a venue. There’s just too much going on around you, and at the end of the day, is that the environment where you are going to be using your computer or iPad, no, that’ll more than likely be your home or office, so that’s where we’ll start with our training.


Apple products are intuitive, logical, and importantly consistent. Steve Jobs emphasised the importance for all Apple software being produced to have the outward appearance that it is being created by the same person. No easy task for the development teams, but a bonus for you, the end user.

Once you begin to understand the Mac way that underpins it all, you will soon become accustomed to the familiarity in all areas of operation, and your knowledge, confidence and ability will quickly grow.

You’ll find that a 2 hour training session will go a long way to get you on that path, and for some experienced pc users switching to mac that is all they need to really get going. Others may need a bit more time, and that’s fine, we can work at your pace covering the topics that you want to focus on.

What works best?


For beginners

I find that for individuals new to Apple products, be it an iMac, Macbook Pro, iPad or iPhone, One2One training achieves the best results. Not everyone is coming to the platform with the same computer background or experience, and not everyone has the same goal as to what they eventually want to achieve. With One2One we can start where you want to start, and go where you want to go at a pace you are comfortable with.

For experienced users.

But it needn’t stop there. Everyday I hear people say “Oh, I never knew it could do that” even from some very experienced professional users. Sometimes just sitting with a user chatting about what they do, how they use their Mac and/or iPad, opens the door to ways that they can make their equipment work smarter for them.

Group training.

Group training is great where you have a team of users who are all of a similar ability and experience who ultimately want to achieve the same goal, which is why it is perfect for introducing an office team to Apple Macs, or new software or processes.

For the office team who are beginning to use Apple Macs, iPads or iPhones I aim to assess the ability of each team member and work with individuals to get everyone to the same starting point, once there I can tailor make the training programme to bring your team to your end goal.

Do get in touch to discuss your training needs.