Mac Technical Support



...if they do, we can be there to help get you and your Apple Mac up and running again as as soon as possible. With over 25 years of Mac experience it's likely that we've seen the problem before so can be quick to diagnose and advise on the most efficient and effective means of correction.

We endeavour to solve all problems on site, but occasionally it can be easier to move your machine to our premises. Installing system software can sometimes be very time consuming,  and instead of you paying us to sit and stare at the screen, back at base we can set the process in motion and leave the system to install.

If all else fails and that 15 year old Quadra really can no longer cut the mustard, we can advise on the best Mac set up to suit you and your budget. Computer and IT prices have come down a long way in the last few year, and you may just be surprised at how little it could cost to get that gleaming new 27 inch iMac on your desk!



Murphy's Law states that a computer will work without problems, "just until you need it the most!"!
If you're starting to get glitches or strange happenings and it seems sluggish, perhaps it's telling you something!

A Regular Maintenance Schedule can be set up to suit your requirements. General Practice is about once a year!

We can help you:

  • Diagnosing hardware and software faults
  • Application & OS system troubleshooting
  • Restore OS system software
  • Data back up and re-integration
  • Internet and broadband set-up, ADSL routers
  • Creation of wired and wireless networks
  • Install new hardware peripherals (printer, scanner etc)
  • Upgrade your Mac to optimise its performance
  • Teach you how to get regular software updates
  • Install a data back up system
  • Install memory upgrades
  • Install and maintain network security

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